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Thanks for visiting! This is the place where I can share videos and readings of my work.  I also do a lot of writing and heady ranting, some of which leans toward the erotic and/or feminism and/or both.  Everything on here is protected by copyright as far as it goes.  Hope you enjoy your time here! 

The Loins From Which I've Sprung

Two weeks in an RV with my parents this summer was very enlightening. I got to observe them in their natural habitat. It was fascinating to watch the two people responsible for unleashing me into the world from a more impartial observer point of view.

“Where are my pills, I can't see," I looked over, Dad was getting ready for bed and he was not wearing his glasses. He is nearly blind without them.

“What do you mean you can't see? You have to play a game of cards with me, go get your thing on,” my mother responded.

“Don't have a thing.”

“You do too have a thing.”

“Lost 'em.”

Exasperated sigh from mom. Presumably he meant his glasses, which I guarantee he did not lose. He wouldn’t be able to see enough to get more than a couple steps away from them, not to mention the RV isn’t that big. (Aside: Now that I’m thinking of this, it’s a little worrying that he did most of the driving...)

Then he came over to me, “You see what she does to me? She orders me around.”

“So I see,” I responded, then to mom I said, “I'll play cards
with you.”

But she rejected the offer, “No, I like to play cards with him.”

Dad turned to mom and finally stated his intent, though in my opinion the fact that he was walking around the RV in a pair of ripped white cotton Hanes briefs and nothing else was a pretty clear sign, “I'm going to bed.” He said.

Mom looked him up and down then said, “Fine, I'll rub your back.”

They disappeared behind the curtain into the back bedroom and I went back to my computer. A few minutes later Mom came back, grabbed my foot and asked, “Want to play cards?”

And people wonder why I am the way I am.

First world problems

Dear journal: Day 3 of Thunder Road stuck in head. Have run out of Coke and Snickers bars pondering the monumental life changing emptiness of losing ones virginity in the backseat of a car. If anyone finds this journal please send Styx, or maybe Peter Gabriel.

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I have an idea. Until biology allows for men to be connected to something via. an umbilical cord for 9 months, (and I admire and respect any woman willing to do that), let's begin a DNA registry of all the citizens with a Y chromosome. That way, if a woman gets pregnant, all the joys, and consequences, can come crashing down on the man responsible as well, whether he wants them or not. I admire and respect the men who do take care of their children. I know many don't think of whether to care for their children as a choice, but many do, and I believe taking away that ability to opt out would completely change the discussion that's happening in the public sphere over women's reproductive health to one of logic and respect for all genders. I'm pretty sure a number of things would not even be up for discussion anymore.

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Fox Foxing on NYE!


Book Review: “Pleasure Thresholds: Patricia Tallman’s Bablyon 5 Memoir”
By Patricia Tallman

Reviewed by: Fox

I have always been a fan of the strong, talented women in science fiction. In fact, for a very long time it was only in science fiction that you could find strong female characters who followed their hearts and used their minds, rather than just waiting around for the lead male character to save them. Sci-fi women were my role models when I was a kid, and I still look toward them when I need inspiration. So imagine my thrill when picking up Patricia Tallman’s ‘Pleasure Thresholds’ as a sci-fi geek, and finding that the woman behind some of these powerful characters is also strong, talented, AND can tell a great story! The first two I was already fairly certain of, having met her online, (caveat she’s very nice, check her out on twitter: @patriciatallman :) but the third made me even happier.

‘Pleasure Thresholds’ is a title taken from one of Patricia Tallman’s more famous lines in Babylon 5 and the book contains her experiences working on the show, but so much more. In her conversational writing style Ms. Tallman also tells her own story, from her beginnings in Illinois through her amazing experiences as a stunt woman in the likes of Star Trek The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Jurassic Park. Then her story moves into the story of Babylon 5 space station saga, including some of her experiences on the sci-fi convention circuit with other members of that cast. Throughout, she shares pictures she took over the years. SO MANY pictures!

If you’re curious about the inner workings of Babylon 5, look no further. This book is straining its spine with pictures and stories from behind the scenes on the space station. There are both happy and heart-breaking tales of Ms. Tallman herself and cast mates both alive and passed. But if you’re also curious about the acting or stunt work professions, or if you enjoy well told stories about a woman who is both a seasoned professional and a little crazy in a good way, this book is for you too.

Much like the space station, Patricia Tallman is powerful, tough, and beautiful. Hers is a story of passion and resilience that will resonate for anyone who likes strong women, sci-fi, or like me, both!

‘Pleasure Thresholds’ is alone well worth the price for a glimpse into the inner workings of Babylon 5 and life of such a woman, but it also comes with a bonus CD-ROM containing a bunch of extras, (some containing chickens… don’t ask) and is signed by not only Ms. Tallman, but also the creator of Babylon 5 himself, Mr. J. Michael Straczynski!

Get your own copy of ‘Pleasure Thresholds: Patricia Tallman’s Babylon 5 Memoir’ at B5Pat.com

The Clouds Look That Way Tonite

The clouds look that way tonite. 

Maybe it's the way they're shaped, 
or how the wind is blowing them, 
or the moon backlighting them,

but they look like I could reach up, pluck one down, and put it in my mouth. 

They look like one would melt and tease the back of my teeth and cool my tongue.

 Like it would slide down the back of my throat and tingle all. the. way. down.

 And it would rest easy in my stomach, slowly spreading that cool ease through every part of me, until I'm more cloud than human. And I will lift my feet from the ground.... And never return. 

The clouds look that way tonite.  


Night Riding

Lately I do most of my bike riding in the dark. It's a different experience, riding at night. You feel ethereal because at times you are gliding along blind with nothing to tether you to reality but the wind in your face. Yet you are grounded by the effort of turning the pedals and the vibrations of the handlebars telling you there is something below your tires, even if you can't always see it.

Companion song: http://youtu.be/taacD5sRxtk

Night Riding

I check them anyway,
My hope rests on my headlight to see,
and my tail light to be seen
But neither prevails far past my immediate sphere,
I depend instead on my other senses to guide me on my way

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Life worth living

The thing about Americans is we don't believe life is worth living if we aren't allowed to make what others call stupid decisions and imagine our way out of them again.

Working nights and sleeping days

I’m putting this together for an online friend, but I thought maybe some of the knowledge I’ve amassed on how to get enough sleep might help other people too. I’ve been a night worker for 7 years now and have bucked the trend by actually getting healthier and fitter rather than the usual development of high blood pressure and diabetes that trends higher in night and shift workers. For the numbers people, that means I’ve dropped nearly 50 lbs, I’ve taken up triathlon including an Ironman in ‘08, and lost 5 inches around my hips.
Mentally my depression has eased up a bit so I can perform more now, and I yell at the cat less (which I’m taking as a sign that I’m less irritable). Thus far, the only benefits I can see to working nights is that you rarely have to screw around with traffic, and of course, it’s an income. The main benefit people THINK about night work, the idea that you have the whole day free to do whatever you want, is a lie. You can not function without sleep and you can only short yourself on sleep for so long before it takes a negative toll. Arranging everything you can in your life to allow for your sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family and this is exponentially true for night and shift workers. They’ll like you better and you’ll like you better too.

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