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The Loins From Which I've Sprung

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Two weeks in an RV with my parents this summer was very enlightening. I got to observe them in their natural habitat. It was fascinating to watch the two people responsible for unleashing me into the world from a more impartial observer point of view.

“Where are my pills, I can't see," I looked over, Dad was getting ready for bed and he was not wearing his glasses. He is nearly blind without them.

“What do you mean you can't see? You have to play a game of cards with me, go get your thing on,” my mother responded.

“Don't have a thing.”

“You do too have a thing.”

“Lost 'em.”

Exasperated sigh from mom. Presumably he meant his glasses, which I guarantee he did not lose. He wouldn’t be able to see enough to get more than a couple steps away from them, not to mention the RV isn’t that big. (Aside: Now that I’m thinking of this, it’s a little worrying that he did most of the driving...)

Then he came over to me, “You see what she does to me? She orders me around.”

“So I see,” I responded, then to mom I said, “I'll play cards
with you.”

But she rejected the offer, “No, I like to play cards with him.”

Dad turned to mom and finally stated his intent, though in my opinion the fact that he was walking around the RV in a pair of ripped white cotton Hanes briefs and nothing else was a pretty clear sign, “I'm going to bed.” He said.

Mom looked him up and down then said, “Fine, I'll rub your back.”

They disappeared behind the curtain into the back bedroom and I went back to my computer. A few minutes later Mom came back, grabbed my foot and asked, “Want to play cards?”

And people wonder why I am the way I am.


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Sep. 13th, 2012 07:24 pm (UTC)
Parents are silly creatures that's for sure.
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